Committee for the Prevention of Fraud in Transport (CPFT)
Fight fraud and scam. Promote fair market.
Committee for the Prevention of Fraud in Transport
Fight fraud and scam. Promote fair market.
Tel.: +33 (0)1 88 32 55 88

frequently asked questions

- Who are you?

Committee for the Prevention of Fraud in Transport (CPFT) is set up and managed by a group of carriers and intermediaries providing the transport of passengers by bus, van, car or limo and the rental of passenger vehicles with driver in Europe and, in particular, the countries of the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Monaco or Andorra.

Our members are independent entities. Individually they may even be competitors but they have at least one thing in common: they share the goal and mission of CPFT.

- What is your goal?

Our goal is to have a healthy market free of fraud, scam and other criminal abuse damaging the reputation of our market for the end consumers and distorting fair competition in the industry of rental of passenger vehicles with driver and the related transport services.

As a consequence, our mission is to combat fraud and scam and promote fair market practices in our industry.

- Can I become your member?

You can join us provided you meet two conditions:

  1. you a professional organisation (carrier or intermediary including a travel agency) providing services in the rental of passenger vehicles with driver and the related transport services in the countries of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco or Andorra
    Note: It is possible for our member to be based outside of these countries but the key criteria is that you provide the mentioned services in at least one of these countries.
  2. you have a soild proven professional reputation

- Do you disclose information about your members?

No. We never disclose information about our members.

- Can I disclose to a third party that I am your member?

Yes. All our members have full control over such disclosure. If this may be of benefit to you we may even contribute to promoting you as our member, for example, via a link on our website or in our social accounts.

- What membership fee will I need to pay?

We do all our activities on a voluntary basis. Therefore, currently there is no mandatory membership fee.

However, your donation would be most helpful. There is no set amount. All donations are welcome.

- How do you spend donations?

All donations are spent strictly on administrative expenses and to cover the costs of our investigations.

All persons involved in running and contributing to CPFT are volunteers. Therefore, we do not spend on salaries, representative expenses or similar direct or indirect remuneration costs.

We pledge to send a yearly break-down of donations and expenses to all regular donators.

- How can I send you a donation?

You can donate by bank transfer, payment card or via PayPal.

- What qualifies as a fraud or a scam?

Any deliberate deception or a dishonest scheme employed to obtain an unfair gain qualifies as a fraud or a scam.

Whenever a fraud or a scam case comes from an entity involved in providing the rental of coaches, buses, vans, minivans, limousines or cars with driver or related transport services you are most welcome to report such cases to us.

- How can I report to you a fraud case?

Please send us an email to the address provided at the top of this page.

In your message briefly describe a fraud case that you were victim of and we will advise you about the next steps.

Please take a note that you will need to identify yourself as we do not accept anonymous denunciations.

- Do I need to be your member to report a fraud case?


- How do you conduct investigation?

We conducts our investigation by all legal means available at our disposal.

All investigations are carried out free of charge by volunteers provided by our members.

- Who features on your blacklist?

All offenders reported in our blacklist have committed a fraud, theft or other deliberate and dishonest actions to obtain unfair gains. The body of evidence that we have collected proves beyond any reasonable doubt that an offender featuring on our blacklist is a fraudster or a thief or both.

- How do you prevent abuse?

We thoroughly investigate each reported case and verify all supporting materials. We have a number of methods to verify the validity of all reported information.

Another important aspect is that each fraud case brought to our attention must have irrefutable proofs so that in case of litigation the fraud perpetrator would have no chance to win the legal action.